Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~our bOdies Speak Up~


Have you ever realised that our bOdies show the signs of our
 health, our feeling, emOtion and the necessities that we need???

(see the tiger was sO tired...hehe)

(and alsO the winsOme of little cat,,maybe too hard to understand the bOok..,ngeh3^-^)

Do we listen and understand our bOdily needs???
=So,anyone who interested to give ur opiniOn?,,
yeah!~ life sOmetime we have nO time,to busy with our wOrk,assingment,and sO on..
Our bOdies do not get enOugh rest- because we always stay up until midnight...
in the end our bOdies grow tired,our minds becOmes slow and
 finally we fail in our exam or in our target of life....

sO, beware to Our bOdies carefully!!!..hehe


  1. la, x bg tau yg k.bib ade blog! adiss.. nak letak kat blog list lah :)

  2. =)....zatul...
    heeee~~bru nak berkecimpung ni...hoHhOOOo...
    doakan taw...tgh bertatih lg nip...

  3. tehee. welcome to blogger :)